4 Ways To Make Your Business More Professional


Running a professional business is KEY for leaving a lasting impression on your customers. If you’re a photographer, these are some tips to help your business feel more professional!

Use a professional gallery delivery service.

One of the best ways to leave a good impression on your clients is by maintaining professionalism in how you deliver the photos! If you’re delivering photos via Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer, you should consider investing in a gallery delivery service instead. 

While there’s nothing wrong with Google Drive or Dropbox, if you’re using an unprofessional file sharing system, you’re leaving your clients experience with you on a low note (when it could be really high!!) 

If you’ve never used a professional gallery delivery service, you can try Pass Gallery, Pic-Time, or Pixieset for free up to 20gb. 

I personally use Pic-Time to deliver my images to clients, which puts the photos together in a beautiful gallery with easy access & downloads.

Use an invoicing system rather than Venmo or PayPal.

While Venmo & PayPal have professional account options, it can seem unprofessional to use these services for collecting payment. 

If you use an invoicing system, this will give your clients a more professional experience with you & make your services feel more like a business rather than a ‘hobby transaction’. 

I recommend using HoneyBook, QuickBooks, or Square Invoices. You can add your logo onto the invoice, and your customers will be able to pay with a card without having to download an app they don’t have. Your top priority should be making the process simpler for your clients!

Use a pricing guide.

I’m gonna say it again: USE A PRICING GUIDE!

If you’re sending your prices to a client, your initial email is your first impression to them!! That’s why you should be sending a pricing guide to your potential clients. 

This will help you to communicate your style, pricing, and overall experience in a more professional way. I’ve personally booked a photographer because of their awesome pricing guide – so trust me, this makes a difference.

Use email templates to cover all your bases & to reply quicker.

If you find yourself typing ALOT of the same email responses, or you get asked the same questions, you should be using email templates!

This will allow you to answer quickly, and you already have the content typed up (just add a few personal details). Plus, you’ll be able to answer your client’s questions before they even ask them by putting those answers in your email templates.

The more time you save on writing emails, the more time you can spend on other important aspects of your business. Once you perfect your email templates, your professionalism with go through the roof (with minimal effort too).

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