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What’s in my camera bag?


Hey everyone!! Today I want to go over what’s in my camera bag on an average wedding day. I’ve spend a few years figuring out my go-to camera + lens combos, and I’m here to share it with you!

Atlas Supply Co Camera Bag

I seriously love my camera bag, it’s made to protect my lenses and it’s perfect to open up and grab whatever you need!! Plus, it’s also super cute so it doesn’t look like I’m carrying all of my gear with me.

Here’s the link to my Atlas Supply Co Camera Bag

Sony A9 and Sony A7iii

For every wedding, I make sure to have two camera bodies on me in case one of mine malfunctions mid-day. My main camera body is the Sony A9, which I always shoot on dual SD cards in case something happens to one of my SD cards. The Sony A7iii is my backup camera body, and sometimes I’ll keep a second lens on this body in case I want to change my focal length quickly.

Here’s the link to the Sony A9.

Here’s the link to the Sony A7iii.

Zeiss 35mm 1.4 Lens

I cannot get enough of this lens!! I use this lens 99% of the time, and it works amazing on my Sony A9. It’s super crisp, shoots great in low light, and creates creamy bokeh in my images.

Here’s the link to the Zeiss 35mm.

Sony 85mm 1.8 Lens

This lens is my go-to for close ups during a ceremony, reception, or to grab candids at a cocktail hour! It’s so perfect on any Sony camera body, and the focus is insanely good.

Here’s the link to the Sony 85mm.

Sony 50mm 1.8 Lens

I use the ‘nifty fifty’ as a backup lens in case something happens to my 35mm work horse. This lens is budget friendly and shoots very well too!! I don’t use it too often, but sometimes it’s nice to have variation in focal length during a wedding day.

Here’s the link to the Sony 50mm.

Sony HVL-F45RM Compact Flash

This flash is AMAZING for Sony! I love this flash so much – and I’ve used a cheap flash in the past… this one is worth the investment. It’s super powerful, compact still, and works like a charm.

Here’s the link to the Sony Compact Flash.

Elephant SD Card Case

I use a waterproof & dust proof SD card case all the time, and it truly helps me keep all of my SD cards in order. It’s budget friendly but also very durable, so you definitely get the bang for your buck with this one!! I love how I can see all of my SD cards at once, but it’s also super easy to get the cards of out the case (something that wasn’t so easy with my previous SD card case).

Here’s the link to the Elephant SD Card Case.

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